The silent Thank You

Man does not walk this Earth Alone and he does not face his daily grind alone either - even though he believes this to be the case. Those we have loved and lost through time do not disappear and die, they simply go home. They go back to the place that we all came from, they move forward in the spirit world and continue living life without the heavy body that they had here. They drop in to see us, sit with us, just to be with us - and help us often as, or maybe more than they could before. They remain a part of life we cannot see without using second sight.
Just for today, become aware of little things that help you throughout your day, notice when information drops into your life at the time you were thinking about it. Notice chance meetings with people you needed to speak to or see, or when something falls into place more easily than hoped. Notice the help you are given and voice a silent thank you from inside.

Be true to your Inner Self

Man has much work to do to balance his character and clear his clutter, but once this has been correctly achieved his internal self will be a pool of wealth and support. 

Your higher self will always know what is best for you, but often you think you do so yourself. When you make your own choices and are still not happy, you have not heard a word that it said.
Be true to your inner self.

I connect to each of you

(I am I) You are all connected to Me. Whether you know it or not, whether you accept it or not, it cannot alter.
All ‘(I am I)’ references come from Me.  I am the consciousness of Earth.  I connect to each one of you. I am who and what you call God.

Why should this surprise you?  It should not. You have a mind and a voice of your own – so do I. I have many voices in each one of you. I have many links back to My own mind – again, through each one of you.

The Light of Love

Every single picture I have - as I look at it in the light of love - reflects love.  It's everywhere and the biggest love we have is our love for life, for our family and frinds, for perfect strangers for this wonderful world in which we live and for the Source of all life - who gave us this life - and who trusted us to love it back - freely without force - through free will.  ITS HUGE !!!! 
EVEN AS YOU READ THESE WORDS - CLOSE YOUR EYES AND YOU WILL TANGIBLY FEEL IT!!  This is even more proof to yourself that these words are real, connected and full of love and higher meaning. 

On your Own Path

 Life is a gamble. It is not always a sure thing. The news every day merely confirms this fact. The world is a big place. Each person is on their own path. Some will be stuck and some will not, but ultimately we all have the same potential for happiness and contentment. And nothing else should matter.

I am I

(I am I).  I have made a promise to mankind that I will honour always. That promise is that I will never leave his side. I will help and watch him grow and I will never judge him harshly. The words that were written in the Bible such a very long time ago - have put the fear of God into man for far too long. They were written by men, who a long time ago felt the need to instil fear into man for his own protection and gain. I will not hurt man. I gave him life. I am his life, as he is mine. We both need each other for survival in this physical world.  (I am I).

Don't you know how wonderful you are?

Have Faith

Just for today, take a look at your own life. Are you at the beginning or at the end of a cycle? Are you clearing out your old junk, both materially and in the corners of your mind, or are you planting and sowing seeds that can be harvested at a later date? Have faith in yourself. Wherever you are is the natural progression of choices you have made. There are things that you must pass through before you get to the place you are heading.

Life is a Gift

We are all part of the bigger picture of life. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle or threads in an ornamental rug, we each have a place and a function. It stands to reason that if we are all part of the whole, then we each have a part to play, and if we each have a part to play, then we need help to do it well and understand. This life is not supposed to be struggle and stress, but love and enjoyment, exploration and fun. We are supposed to love the life we are living, not dread it, and not tread water until we reach the end. 
We are not supposed to have burdens and cares and woes, but dreams and fulfilment and happiness. Problems and chores are supposed to help us grow and change and tidy up, but buckle, fall and fade away. Life is a gift, a gift that we chose to receive long before we came to live it. We each have a purpose and a destiny and until we realize this we will only enjoy a part of what we can be and came to do.

Our True Colours

Only knowledge and truth and love have any clout in the place where we will all end up after our physical time here is through. In that place we will be seen as the sum total of our accumulation and activation of these things. These will be our true colours. The rest will drop away as meaningless.

Nothing is by chance

Life stops for no-one, no matter how hard you work at it.  The way you approach it can be the difference between make or break - always.  You control everything, even when it would appear otherwise.  

Nothing is by chance.  Everything has the force of positive or negative as its outcome, again the choice of which depends on us. 

You are here to make a difference

Why should you 'help others', 'turn the other cheek', 'do God's work'?  Because somewhere along the way - perhaps even before you can remember, you said that you would.  You said that you'd care enough, be strong enough, love enough - to do it.  To make a difference in some way to someone - just because you are here!

You are Loved

None of us is perfect - but God's love is (whether you believe - or do not - doesn't matter).  We are perfectly loved by God/by Source/by the Universe - each one of us - just the way that we are.  Without exception.

Just for Today

Just for today, notice when someone needs help. Offer the advice they require, but allow them to make their decisions themselves. Remember that what has worked well for one will not necessarily work as well for another, and that all options must be carefully considered. The quickest solution is not always the best and a slower route could turn out to be the best option. Once a problem or lesson is correctly overcome, it is unlikely to be placed there again.

Live and enjoy the moment

Only we can keep our life moving and flowing in some sort of order. Chaos is not order, but neither is vegetating. Life must constantly flow and change, move and grow, in order for us to feel fulfilled, energized and at one with it. That part of us which is us, our spirit or energy part, needs constant stimulation and love. It needs us to love the life we are living and it needs continuous feeding with new experiences and interactions. It needs us to live, really live, and to enjoy every moment we are doing it.

You alone bear the consequences of the stress, sadness and worry you carry inside, because only you can feel them. These things stem from your being because of thoughts and situations that occur both within you and in the outer world itself. Worry is a product of the happenings you are experiencing. Life can never be problem-free. We have already discussed that problems have their purpose and their place, and we could not evolve as a species without them. Problems are brick walls. They are the end of a particular path we are following and in order to go beyond them we have to find the key to their solution. We have to alter something. They are a natural part of growth and only we can decide what needs to be done to solve them...

Life moves at its own pace, to its own rythm, and even the best-laid plans can be torn apart by circumstance and other people. This will always be the case, as others will demand your undivided attention, but what they don't always know is the importance of your present job in hand. Only you know that. Providing you are true and fair, there is no reason why they will not let you continue, but again weigh up the odds for yourself. Sometimes it is better to stop for a moment to deal with them than to push their own shouting issue to one side. Life's flow needs your interaction too. It cannot stop just because you don't have time in your schedule to fit it in. Instead of getting stressed, make an educated choice and deal correctly with the flow of the moment as you know you must ...