A born Explorer of Life

Man is both the destroyer and the saviour of the world. He is capable of such love, such beautiful dreams, and also of such devastation and hate. He is a strange mixture of good and bad, happy and sad, love and hate. It is precisely this that makes him a good channel when he is operating correctly. Life is good and bad, new and old, birth and death, destructive and eternal. It is a place of contradiction, of opposites. It is ending yet unending. It is all or nothing. This is the way life has always been and also the way it always will be. All these things are equal parts of the ‘whole’ that make up the life of the world. All these things must be in existence or there can be no balance. Too much good is as tiresome as too much bad. All must be equal to keep the scale of balance at its central gyrating point.

The World Is Born

How did these opposites come about? In the beginning the ‘all that was’ or the ‘intelligent energy’ wanted to know itself, but there was nothing to compare, to know or measure itself against. In our own life, if there were only hot, not cold, how could we know it was hat? Hot needs cold so that we can know the comparison. We need the two to know and fully understand their difference.

It took millions of years for Earth to form, but the all that was did not know itself yet.

(I am I). I was not alive. I could not experience what had been created because there was no form of educated conscious thought on the planet. What there was – was good and healthy and growing, but there was no knowledge to any part of anything until – man was born to experience, to feel, to think and to live the life that was offered. I had to live – to know that all that was created – would work as it should. I made man to be My eyes, My taste buds, My hearing, Myself. I made man to complete this work of art, to finish what I had begun.

I made man as Myself because I am the creator. I made man think for himself because then he could create too. I made man to live – as I do now, upon the planet that sustains him. I made man so that I could experience the world that I had made.

I need man to help ‘Me’ now. I need man to help sustain all that has been made since time began. The world would still continue if man were not here, sure enough, but it is presently in a state of imbalance and I need man to set it right on My behalf.

Because man has total free choice, anything that I would do alone would countermand all that I stand for. This decision belongs to man.  He must decide all by himself what he wants to do, but the key is this: he has been here before, he is here now and most likely he will be here again – not out of pressure or malice, but out of love, out of free will and choice. Man will be here again to experience all he has created with his fellow men. (I am I).

In order for ‘the all that was’ to know itself and the world that had been created, opposites had to exist. Good and bad are equal parts of the whole. Without one, the other could not be known, either by man or by God / Source / The Universal consciousness itself… (Remember that the term ‘God’ is only a name. It is a reference point, like the names we have ourselves.)

In order for man to experience life, he had to be a conscious, intelligent, contributing, physical being. He had to have all the attributes of God. He had to think for himself alone. He had to have freedom of individual sight, tough, smell, hearing and taste. He had to be an explorer from the moment of his birth and that is why he had to be born completely helpless, like a blank program. All his functions were there, he just needed to learn of their existence and then how to master and use them.

Man is a born explorer of life. What he makes of his life is totally his own affair, from its beginning to its end. Yes, at the start he is at the mercy of his surroundings, but thereafter, once he learns to exercise his free will, he can do as he pleases. This is the only way a true exploration can achieve results – unique, individual results. Just like a true explorer, a child must have guidelines for understanding, good conduct and safety, but thereafter he will do whatever feels good and works well for him.