The silent Thank You

Man does not walk this Earth Alone and he does not face his daily grind alone either - even though he believes this to be the case. Those we have loved and lost through time do not disappear and die, they simply go home. They go back to the place that we all came from, they move forward in the spirit world and continue living life without the heavy body that they had here. They drop in to see us, sit with us, just to be with us - and help us often as, or maybe more than they could before. They remain a part of life we cannot see without using second sight.
Just for today, become aware of little things that help you throughout your day, notice when information drops into your life at the time you were thinking about it. Notice chance meetings with people you needed to speak to or see, or when something falls into place more easily than hoped. Notice the help you are given and voice a silent thank you from inside.