Life is a Gift

We are all part of the bigger picture of life. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle or threads in an ornamental rug, we each have a place and a function. It stands to reason that if we are all part of the whole, then we each have a part to play, and if we each have a part to play, then we need help to do it well and understand. This life is not supposed to be struggle and stress, but love and enjoyment, exploration and fun. We are supposed to love the life we are living, not dread it, and not tread water until we reach the end. 
We are not supposed to have burdens and cares and woes, but dreams and fulfilment and happiness. Problems and chores are supposed to help us grow and change and tidy up, but buckle, fall and fade away. Life is a gift, a gift that we chose to receive long before we came to live it. We each have a purpose and a destiny and until we realize this we will only enjoy a part of what we can be and came to do.